What do you get a houseplant-obsessed, animal loving escort in Detroit?

Well, the main thing I want to receive on a date is, well, you. Bring your fullest, sweetest self and I’ll bring mine to match – what more could a girl ask for?

But if you’d like to pop a cherry on top of the sundae (and enrich my library in the process) here are some sure fire ways to garner squeals of delight.

Give me a book

Envelopes are a little boring, aren’t they? And to paraphrase Steinbeck, there’s really no such thing as too many books. Accordingly, my favorite way to receive a donation is tucked in between the covers of a good read. Whether that’s a book you just can’t live without or something on my own ever growing “to read” list, which can be found here, running the gamut from Astrophysics to Asian cooking, futurism to fermentation. 

Give to a good cause

I care about community and social justice, and I think it’s incredibly hot when my lovers do too. Some non profits close to my heart include: 

ANSWER (A Network of Sex Workers to Excite Revolution): A sex worker led organization fighting for decriminalization and supporting escorts in detroit and nationally.

Michigan Liberation: A network of people and organizations working to end the criminalization of Black families and communities of color in Michigan.

Planned Parenthood: Providing reproductive and sexual healthcare, and sexual education.

Huron Valley Humane Society: A Michigan animal shelter helping furry friends in need. 

Making a donation to any of these organizations wins you the extremely desirable accolade of “ultimate gold star gentleman” plus bonus forehead kisses.  

Give me an act of service

As a single escort in Detroit with a bustling life and world domination in my sights, acts of service are my ultimate love language. Sure, I can do these things for myself, but it means the world when someone considerate takes one of them off my full plate. 

Whether it’s helping me pay my rent, fill up my car or supporting my health and wellbeing practices, this is really what makes me feel cared for. I’ve outlined a few of my most valued contributions here.

Give me a surprise

For those who enjoy hunting for the perfect little thing, consider these your artfully-laid trails of breadcrumbs:

Peonies, ranunculus and any other vibrantly delicate flower (No lilies please!)

Dark chocolate, 70%+. I like the hard stuff

Plants. I remain constantly one house plant away from perfect happiness. 

Silk scarves, bonus points for vintage Hermes. 

Perfumes that leave me smelling edible. It’s hard to go wrong with notes of vanilla or citrus.

Give me a special something

For the tactile amongst us, you’ll find a few more tangible items on my wishlist, all of which come fully Ari Approved. Clothing, lingerie and shoes come with an obligatory fashion show in which your services will be required to inspect every possible angle.


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