Celebrated minimalist Mies Van Der Rohe once proclaimed “less is more”.

Which leads me to think that, while he may have made beautiful chairs, he clearly never had a good threesome nor met any of my favorite escorts in Detroit.

When it comes to lovers, my tastes can be a little more maximalist. I’m eternally hungry for ‘more’: More smiles, more eye contact, more energy and anticipation building. More curves to watch shift in the shadows and more sensory overwhelm as we surrender to a crescendo of touch and kisses. More, harder, faster – excess is a luxury all of its own, and never was that more true than group sex.

Are you hungry for a little more too? Then let’s invite a third (or fourth?) to join our fun. It’s a numbers game after all, and I have a good head for figures. Whatever constellation we choose to play in, quality and quantity don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As an archetypal greedy pansexual, I count some of the most dazzling escorts in Detroit and beyond as lovers and girlfriends. I’d be thrilled to introduce you. Why not book a date now?

Of course, if you already have someone special in mind, I’d love you to play matchmaker – new friends are one of life’s greatest pleasures. And new friends you can get naked with?

Even better.

Evelyn Vale

Wholesome sensualist. Heart of gold.

Hailey Wells

An artistic, flirty blonde bombshell.

Parker Westwood

Counter-culture cutie. Knows how to have fun!

Mia L'amour

A petite lover’s dream.

Kate Hart

Your midwestern dream girl.

Alex Lowe

Part-time southern belle, full-time earth goddess.


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