a name of Hebrew origins, meaning "breath"

A sharp breath in when I open the door and our eyes meet for the first time.

A long, slow breath out when you wrap me in your arms and we finally embrace.

And in between each inhale of fresh air, the sweet scent of a woman alive and hungry for experience.

Hi! I’m Ari, an independent Detroit escort and then some.

As a multicultural Black and Jewish woman, I’m familiar with difference. 

Maybe that’s why you’ve found me — because you, too, understand difference, and want to be seen for the unique person you are. Maybe that proclivity for difference is part of why I became an independent Detroit escort and why I’m truly pansexual. Why should I let gender limit who I can find joy and connection with? 

Bring me just who you are and nothing less — no matter your race, religion, ability, shape, or experience.

I don’t believe in guilty pleasure. I only believe in pleasure. I find pleasure in the variety of life — salsa dancing till dawn one night, cuddling on the couch with my hands finding yours under the blankets the next. I find pleasure in tending to my 93 (& counting) houseplants, and sharing my inherently tender and compassionate nature. 

Somewhere along the way, I decided to hold onto my child-like wonder, try as the hard world might try to take it from me. Now, I find pleasure in the little things around me. 

And I take pleasure in inviting you into my inner circle, to see the world through my eyes, and invite a little awe into your life.

Or a little more ahhh, that sound of sweet relief as you sigh out all the stress you’ve been carrying for the past few weeks, months, years. Maybe even a lifetime.

I want to feel you melt underneath my fingertips, and surrender to the purr of my body as it comes closer and closer to you. There’s much to explore here…soft curves, strong legs. Handfuls of freckles accentuating mischievous eyes. A smile ever-present on my full lips, a giggle ever-present in my throat, waiting to come greet you.

Though I’m a sensual creature, I don’t like to take things too seriously. In fact, underneath the strappy lingerie, I’m a bit of a goofball. I like to play! I like to laugh! I like eating Indian food with my hands and getting chocolate sauce on my face (as long as you help me clean it off)! 

I want to go get in the thick of it. Come with me?

A few of my favorite things:

People watching — acrobatics — baking — terrible dad jokes* — dark chocolate — bubble baths for two — the culture shock that comes with exploring new cities — silky bamboo sheets — hot coffee — non fiction books — cuddling — bedazzling my inhaler

*Why are cows such bad listeners? Everything goes in one ear and out the udder


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