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Detroit Biracial GFE Escort


A breath of fresh air.

Hi, I’m Ari Abella. Abella is a name with hebrew origins, meaning breath. I come from a long line of Jewish women, and growing up I had an especially close connection with my great-grandmother, a holocaust survivor and one of the most bad-ass women I’ve had the honor of knowing. Every time we got together she would greet me with a smile, exclaiming “Ah, my breath of fresh air is here!” gifting me with a name that I will forever hold dear.

But that’s enough with the sentimental, lets get to the fun stuff! I’m a playful, freckle-faced, cuddle-bug who likes to keep my curly hair long and my inhibitions low. I strive to dive into the world head-first and soak it in with a child-like wonder that most of us lost somewhere in between the 9-5 routine and taxes. If you consider people watching a hobby, we’d probably click. If you like strong legs, soft curves, and voluptuous lips, we’ll definitely click.

Those close to me would probably describe me as compassionate and bubbly, with just a dash of feistiness. My disarming smile and innocent face tend to catch people off guard, but underneath bubbles a hedonistic desire to find that certain thing that makes you tick, and explore every last bit of it. I believe that guilty pleasures are best enjoyed unapologetically, and when it comes to pleasure, I’m the devil on your shoulder whispering “Do it.”

I’m a flirt, a muse, an undercover goofball. I believe that actions speak louder than words and that pleasure is always only one decision away. When I’m not attending circus lessons or tending to one of my 74 houseplants, you can find me in the kitchen concocting some new sweet treat. I take pride in my ability to be a social chameleon- whether it’s salsa dancing the evening away with you, or a sensual, cozy night in, I’m eager to revel in every experience life offers me. Let’s see what we can get up to, are you ready?

I am truly pansexual, and I ecstatically welcome men, women, couples, duos, trans, and non-binary clients. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life, and I will happily see clients of all races, body types, and abilities.

Detroit Biracial GFE Escort

In Detail

Age: Early 30’s

Height: 5’3

Body Type: Athletic & Curvy, No Enhancements, No Tattoos

Size: Medium/6 Clothing, 8/38 Shoe, 34DD Lingerie


Foods: Italian, Indian, Soul Food

Desserts: Dark Chocolate, Coffee Ice Cream

Drinks: Spiced Rum, Sparkling Water, Coffee

Color: Burnt Orange, Rose Gold, Turquoise

Hobbies: Dancing, Baking, Traveling, Acrobatics

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Ari Abella

Ari Abella is a Detroit biracial GFE escort and companion. She’s a petite, athletic, all-natural companion who can’t wait to make your acquaintance!

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