Etiquette (by Ari Abella)

Please don’t use explicit language (including acronyms or code words) in your booking form or any communications. Actions or requests for actions that jeopardize my personal health and safety result in the immediate end of the date, and banning from further communications.

My rates are for my time and companionship only, and are non-negotiable. Attempts to negotiate or failure to provide the full donation will end all communications and ban you from future dates.

Personal hygiene is paramount. I will always show up to the start of our date freshly showered, groomed, and with minty fresh breath- I expect and appreciate the same from my suitors. A fully stocked shower is available for your use in my incall.

Please place the full donation in plain view at the beginning of our date, discreetly packaged in an unsealed envelope, card, gift bag, or for extra brownie points, a book.

What are you doing to keep safe regarding COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a very serious concern for me, and I’m handling it in ways that protect my health and the health of those around me.

I’m up to date with my vaccinations and boosters, and mask in public indoor spaces in my personal life.

I do not require that my clients be vaccinated, but I do ask that you reschedule if you’re feeling at all unwell, even if it’s minor or your rapid test is negative.

I act as a caretaker for several elderly family members, and I’m immunocompromised myself, so I highly appreciate your good judgment on the matter!

Do you give/accept references?

I’m happy to provide a reference given we’ve met within 6 months of the request.

To ensure discretion and help me protect your information, please let me know beforehand when you list me as a reference.

For my own safety, I do not accept references as an alternative to screening with real-world information. However, references are encouraged in addition to the screening information I request.

When will you visit my city?

I almost never tour, so the best way to get me to your city is to fly me to you! Click here for more details.

What’s on your "menu"?

Each person is unique, and therefore every experience I have the opportunity to create with them will be unique. It is for this reason that I don’t offer a “menu”.

I will not engage in any conversation involving explicit language or requests. If your satisfaction depends on the inclusion of a specific act, as opposed to the experience as a whole, then I’m not the provider for you.

Do you offer incall? What about outcall?

I’d love to host at my private incall near Downtown Detroit.

I’m also available for outcalls to your 4+ star hotel or private residence (at my discretion) in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.

When are you available?

One of the things I love most about this lifestyle is the freedom it affords me. Given enough notice, I usually can be available both weekdays and weekends. But fair warning- I’m not a morning person. There’s a good chance I’ll show up in pj’s to anything scheduled before 8am!

I very much appreciate those who can plan ahead and book in advance. I require at least 24 hours notice for bookings, and will schedule up to a year in advance. For returning friends, I rarely have same day availability, but it won’t hurt to ask! 

Do you have any reviews?

I have a no-review policy. A lady should never kiss and tell, and a gentleman shouldn’t either. 

In a perfect world, it would be wonderful to have a way to verify that a provider is who they say they are. But in my experience, reviews can be overly crude and unnecessarily explicit, flat out inaccurate, and even used as a tool to push boundaries, e.g. “ do xyz or I’ll give you a bad review.” Besides, maybe it’s best we don’t describe allegedly incriminating information in detail on the internet for everyone to see?

There is only ONE instance where I’ll allow reviews, click here for more details.

Need a little more reassurance that I’m real? Check out my social media!

I’m not comfortable screening with real-world information, do you accept any alternative forms of screening?

Short answer: nope.

Long answer: absolutely not. 

Real-world information is the best way for me to verify that you are safe to meet with, and I refuse to compromise my safety by accepting anything less. Unfortunately a reference or P411 OK’s cannot tell me whether you have a history of violence, or whether you’re someone I’d rather avoid (like a family member!)

If you’re uncomfortable with providing real-world information, I understand, and I encourage you to reach out to other providers that don’t require it for screening.

Who do you see?

I ecstatically welcome newbies, men, women, couples, duos, trans, and non-binary clients. I believe everyone should get to enjoy some of the finer things in life, and I will happily see respectful clients of all races, body types, abilities, and backgrounds.

Please note that there is an additional minimum of $300 for couples. If you need special accommodations, please do let me know in advance.

Are you interested in a ménage à trois, or dare I say, more? I’ve established chemistry with the beautiful friends listed here. Already have someone special in mind? Let’s just say I love making new friends!

Do you have a wishlist?

Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated. Gift Giving and Acts of Service are my love languages, and similar to southern accents, they’re a surefire way to make me melt.

My wishlist can be found here.

Before sending e-gifts, please contact me for an unpublished email address.

I’ve also included a list of charities whose missions I support for those who share my desire to give back to the community!


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